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Air Conditioning Types

Choosing the right air conditioning system

There are many types of air conditioning systems available in the market which can make deciding on an air conditioning system overwhelming. It's important to choose the correct unit as an air conditioner that is too powerful for the room can increase the power bills in the long term and also make your room too cold and uncomfortable. And if your aircon is not powerful enough, it can take a long time for it to cool the room. Luckily, we are here to help you choose the right unit. Static Electrics Brisbane have compiled a list of different types of air conditioners and their benefits to help you in your decision.

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How to choose the right air conditioning system?

Here are some tips on choosing the perfect aircon.

  • Reverse cycle air conditioners are better for climate control solutions throughout the year as they can provide both heating and cooling options within the one appliance.
  • The capacity of the air conditioner should match the size of the room. Our air conditioning technicians can assess the size of your room and recommend the best aircon for your home or office.
  • Modern air conditioners are highly energy efficient with energy ratings of up to 6 or 7 Stars which helps to reduce power consumption and save on your electricity bills. So, when you choose an air conditioner make sure you check its energy rating.
  • Consider the number of rooms you would like to cool - for one room - a single split system is recommended, and for multiple rooms - multi-split system or ducted systems would be better.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Split System Air Conditioners

  • Split Systems contain an indoor cooling unit, which can be wall-mounted, and an outdoor unit consisting of a compressor.
  • The indoor and outdoor units are connected by piping.
  • The air filters help to purify the air and remove dust, pollen, odours and pollutants.
  • They are energy-efficient and quiet.
  • They are available in both cooling only and reverse cycle options (both heating and cooling).
  • It is ideal for cooling individual rooms and is an economical option.

Ducted Air Conditioners or Central Air Conditioning

  • Ducted air conditioners are good for cooling and heating a large space.
  • The central unit is usually installed in the roof and it is connected by ducts to air outlets and sensors in each room.
  • The different air outlets are “zoned” and can be controlled by zone controllers.
  • They are energy-efficient and practically noiseless.
  • Installing a ducted system requires careful planning and preparation as the right size is crucial for its effectiveness.
  • It can be installed in a new building during the construction stage or retrofitted in an existing building.
  • It is ideal for cooling multiple spaces, best suited for large spaces and doesn't affect the aeasthetics of the space.

Multi-Split Air Conditioners

  • It is a type of split system with multiple indoor units and one outdoor unit.
  • It can cool multiple rooms at the same time with individual control of temperature in each room.
  • They are available in both cooling-only models and reverse cycle options.
  • If you have a large home but limited space for installing a ducted aircon, multi-split system is an ideal option.

Window Air Conditioners

  • The compressors, condensers, coils and evaporator are all included in one single unit.
  • They are designed to fit into the window of a room.
  • They turn on to cool down the room and then turn off and this cycle is repeated, this lowers the energy efficiency of this style of air conditioners.
  • However, they are a reasonable option for low-budget air conditioning requirements and renters.

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