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Complete electrical switchboard upgrade options

The team at Static Electrics Brisbane are one of the most trusted companies in Brisbane when it comes to switchboard upgrades, and we take great pride in ensuring we offer top quality service and solutions to all our customers. If your switchboard has been better days or your power keeps tripping, it may be time to consider a switchboard upgrade by one of our qualified Brisbane electricians . Give us a call to book today!

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What is a switchboard upgrade?

A switchboard upgrade is when your current switchboard is upgraded to allow for more electrical current to flow through to a property.

Why would you need an electrical switchboard upgrade?

There are a range of reasons your switchboard may need upgrading including:

  • Safety : the most important reason!
  • Legislation : Many older switchboards are not compliant with current regulations and/or legislation.
  • Safety Switches : Most newer switchboards have inbuilt safety switches, which makes them less of a shock and fire risk.
  • Smart Meters : Many smart meters need newer switchboards to work.
  • Solar : If you are wanting to install solar, many solar systems require newer switchboards to run properly.
  • Fuses : As newer switchboards are more appropriately designed for electrical workloads that we experience now, as opposed to 5+ years ago, this results in less chance of your fuses blowing.
  • Overload : As newer switchboards are more appropriately designed for electrical workloads that we experience now, as opposed to 10+ years ago, this results in less chance of your switchboard overloading.
  • Tripping : As newer switchboards are more appropriately designed for current electrical workloads, this results in less chance of your circuit breaker tripping.

A switchboard is the crucial part of safe electrical currency flow, so it is super important for it to be in peak condition all the time. Keeping on top of your switchboard needs is key to electrical safety across your property, so call Static Electrics Brisbane for assistance.

What are the signs you need a switchboard upgrade?

There are some common symptoms that can arise when your switchboard is due for an upgrade. Give us a call though if you are unsure :

  • Age of your home and age of the wiring in your home.
TIP: If your wiring is grey and/or black then it probably requires upgrading. If your wiring is white, an upgrade may not be needed quite yet (but get your electrician to check).
  • When you take a look at your switchboard, it looks overcrowded.
  • If your fuses are regularly blowing up.
  • If your power points seem to be a strange colour, or they are hot to touch.
  • If your lights are constantly flickering.
  • If your appliances are tripping regularly.
  • If you are getting an electric shock when you put a plug into a power point.
  • If your power points are sparking.
  • If you hear a buzzing or sizzling.

This list isn't exhaustive, so speak to us if you have any concerns.

If your switchboard has rewireable fuses, instead of circuit breakers, you need a switchboard upgrade as a matter of urgency. Rewireable fuses have copper wire fuses which are large safety hazards, so call us ASAP for assistance.

Who completes a switchboard upgrade?

A professional! Never complete a switchboard upgrade yourself - it is very dangerous and actually illegal. Switchboard upgrades must be completed by an appropriately licenced and qualified electrician - so call Static Electrics today!

Professional switchboard upgrade services

The team at Static Electrics Brisbane have years of industry experience when it comes to switchboard upgrades of all shapes and sizes. We know how frustrating it can be when your power is tripping and your lights are flickering, which is why we offer prompt solutions to put your safety and the safety those around you first.

Static Electrics Brisbane

Your reliable switchboard upgrade Brisbane experts

For further assistance wen it comes to switchboard upgrades throughout Brisbane, contact the experienced electricians at Static Electrics Brisbane at 1300 139 039 or complete our quick online switchboard upgrade service request form today.

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