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The Benefits Of Owning A Home Theatre System

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie? Catching up with the latest blockbuster is a great way of spending time with your family and gives you something to talk about with friends. People love movies, especially with the big screen that seems to make it easier to get completely involved in the action. The great thing is, that now you no longer have to go to the cinema. Instead you can snuggle up on your sofa at home and enjoy a movie on your very own home theatre system.

Having access to a home theatre system means that homeowners can watch their favourite movies, TV shows, and sports games whenever they like, with a large screen and sound that’s on a par with that which you get in the cinema. It’s not just about watching movies, having a home theatre systems has several other benefits, including

  • Brings the family together – After a long week at school, college, or work there’s nothing nicer than the whole family decamping to the lounge, choosing their favourite film, and kicking back totally immersed in what’s happening on the screen. If you don’t get together as a family that often, then it’s also a chance to watch old family videos of things like birthdays, weddings, and holidays. It’s sentimental and it’s a great way of bringing the family close together once more.
  • Watching the game – Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to like about having a home theatre system. Instead of all piling onto the sofa to watch their favourite team on a regular TV, they could be stretched out in front of a large high definition TV screen with a sound sound system which makes them feel almost as if they’re inside the stadium. You could be ring- side, court-side, or up close with your favourite darts players, living the moment as if you were there.
  • Playing the game – Video games have become a huge source of family entertainment with many people playing games like ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Candy Crush’ on their smartphones. By adding the latest in games consoles to your home theatre system, the whole family can gather round and play together on the big screen.
  • Technology – So it’s clear there are many ways that a home theatre system can amuse a whole family but why is it so much better on a large screen than a regular TV? The answer quite simply is the improved technology. High definition offers the most brilliant, sharp pictures and the addition of 3D brings movies alive. All round sound works wonders when it comes to getting people immersed in a film or documentary. Finally, all manner of devices can be added to a home theatre system giving the added flexibility of shopping, chatting, watching You tube videos, and Skyping friends all with superior sound and video.

So having purchased your home theatre system do you tackle the task of setting it up yourself or get it professionally installed? It’s not just about having the time to do this, it’s also about having the necessary knowledge. If you break something when installing it, the piece may not be covered under warranty. Or you could get right down to the end of the installation and find that one piece is missing, requiring you to box it all up and return it to the store. How frustrating!

Here at Static Electrics we’ve got tons of experience in installing home theatre systems and know all the right steps to take from start to finish. It’s less hassle for you and you can rest assured knowing that your system has been set up to its maximum configuration. Why not give us a call on 0429 139 039 and we’ll send round one of our friendly, trained electrician who’ll have your home theatre system set up in no time at all.

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