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Commercial Fridge Faults – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When a domestic refrigerator gives up the ghost then yes it’s a problem, but it’s nowhere near as much of an issue as when a commercial fridge in a busy restaurant stops working. As well as the thousands of dollars of possible food loss, what about the added issue of an army of disgruntled customers who may have had their reservations cancelled because there’s no food to serve them. It really doesn’t bear thinking about.

While ongoing maintenance and regular checks aren’t always a definitive cure, they can go a long way to prevent large commercial refrigerators from calling it a day. With this in mind, here are some simple precautions that business owners can take in order to ensure that their walk-in fridge or commercial freezer is fully functional for as long as possible.

Avoid overcrowding

In order for a commercial fridge to run at their optimum levels they need a good circulation of air. When fridges and freezers are rammed with goods the compressor has to work twice as hard to circulate the cool air in order to store the food at the desired temperature. Therefore aside from the possibility of burning your cooler out, your electricity bill is likely to take a hammering too. Ouch!

Checking fridge seals regularly

Fully functioning door seals are just as vital, because as the name suggests, they help to form a seal preventing the cool air from escaping and the warm air getting in. From a prevention perspective carry out periodic checks say once a week to ensure that there are no splits or tears in the rubber seal or that there is no food debris or particles which have lodged between the seal folds. If there is, then give the seal a thorough wipe, or look to get the damaged seal replaced immediately.

Check for clogged condensers

Your condensers play a very important part in removing any heat so that food can be cooled down quickly and efficiently. Sometimes these become clogged or dusty. When they are, they can’t function to their optimum ability, thus causing the commercial fridge to work even harder to cool stuff down. For best results look to remove them and give them a quick wash and clean once every 3 months or so.

Maintaining drain lines

When drain lines become clogged, they will cause the evaporator to freeze up and when this happens it can be an expensive job. Check them periodically (usually on a monthly basis) and clear out any obstructions when you notice them

Good circulation

Just as the inside of your commercial fridge needs good circulation, the outside does too. So ensure you have access right around the fridge, especially where the condenser coils and filters are situated. Failure to do so may result in a restriction of air-flow which in turn can cause your fridge to work harder, resulting in the possibility of malfunction.

As stated above, while these simple preventative tips may not entirely stop your fridge from giving up the ghost, they can certainly go a long way towards keeping it running in tiptop condition. With this in mind, you might also want to think about calling in a professional to carry out annual maintenance. At Static Electrics we also deal in commercial and industrial refrigeration repairs, installation and maintenance, so contact our highly experienced team today on 0429 139 039 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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