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Do I Really Need To Upgrade My Electrical Switchboard?

If you live in an older home (30 years plus) and you haven’t had your switchboard checked since you’ve been living there, then it might be a good idea to call a licensed electrician who can carry out an electrical safety audit. Why? Because older style switchboards, especially the type with ceramic fuses aren’t particularly conducive to modern day electrical demands and as such may need replacing.

What is an electrical switchboard anyhow?

It’s a crucial element of your property’s electrical system. It’s the element that evenly distributes electricity around your home when it’s needed. Whereas modern day switchboards have built in safety devices that cut the power when a problem is detected, older switchboards don’t. This aside, your older switchboard was probably installed at a time where far fewer electrical appliances were being used. As a result they’re not built for dealing with the high demands of a 21st century Australian family and can in some cases can be a danger waiting to happen.

Are there signs that tell me I should have a switchboard upgrade?

In essence yes. Factors such as flickering lights, regularly blown fuses, and continually tripping circuit breakers may well indicate that there’s a problem. Also, if you’re thinking of purchasing solar panels, then the older style switchboards simply aren’t geared towards dealing with them. As such new metering and switch gearing which requires additional space on your switch board might not be possible with an older style switchboard anyhow.

So is it costly to upgrade?

Not when you compare it to the price of a fire damaged home and everything that goes with it. That said, even without the potential fire risk, the cost of modernising your electrical switchboard is relatively minimal compared to other household upgrades and renovations. The key is to do some searching and find a licensed skilled professional who is happy to do it at a reasonable price.

I’m good with all things DIY, can’t I change it myself.

In essence no! In Queensland the law states that only qualified and licensed electrical engineers are legally allowed to carry out major electrical installations, repairs, and upgrades.

If you’re concerned about your electrical switchboard, or feel that it’s high time you had it checked out, then contact the team at Static Electrics. We’re a family run business who have been operating in the Brisbane area for many years. As such we’ll check (and if necessary) upgrade your switchboard to coincide with new government regulatory guidelines. So for total peace-of-mind, contact the professionals on 0429 139 039 today.

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