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Tongue in Cheek look at the top ten electrical appliances can't live without

Published: May 06, 2020 Last Updated: December 07, 2020

Ah yes! Electrical appliances…Where would we be without them? We wake up with them, we catch up on the day’s news using them, they’re used for our personal hygiene and for our convenience. They’re used to clean our surroundings, entertain us, keep us warm and cool and even to keep us fit and healthy…..

Of course I could go on ‘ad infinitum‘ but instead, I found this interesting poll from Japan (the home of technology) of the top 10 highest selling electrical home appliances. It makes for interesting reading.

10 - Juicer

Believe it or not it seems that the humble juicer is an item that many people can’t live without. In fact 35% of worldwide households have got one. There’s a lot to be said for healthy eating. Oh and Jack LaLanne of course

9 - Electric Toothbrush

Whether it’s the super-duper sonic variety or the basic version the electric toothbrush takes the arm work out of brushing and it seems that over 39% of households agree.

8 - Dishwasher

Let’s face it, a dishwasher is convenience personified and an excellent choice. I mean who actually likes washing up anyway? 42% of households agree.

7 - Vacuum Cleaner

Bizarre fact alert! Surprisingly more heated toilet seats are owned by Japanese households than vacuum cleaners. Nevertheless 48% of the worlds households prefer cleaner carpets over a pleasant toilet experience.

6 - Washing machine

Yet another product to make the drudgery of household chores easier. Surprisingly though this is only number 6 on the list as approximately only 49% of households own one.

5 - Coffee Maker

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee to wake us up in the mornings and 52% of us love nothing better than a good honest cup of ‘joe’.

4 - Microwave oven

There’s nothing better than coming home after an exhausting day when you really don’t feel like cooking and hearing the ping of a TV dinner in the microwave. 54% of the world’s population own one and in the US this figure is over 90%.

3 - TV

We all watch it and probably way too much, but 60% of the world’s population enjoy nothing better than ‘vegging out’ over a good movie.

2 - PC/laptop

Unsurprisingly the PC or laptop is one of the biggest appliances that we can’t live without and around 62% of the world’s population own one. It’s no wonder then that ‘Google it’ has fast become the answer to everything.

1 - Mobile phone

More of a gadget than an appliance I know, but it rightfully deserves it’s place at the top of the tree. Did you know, that there are more mobile phone subscriptions (6.8 billion) than there are people on the planet and it’s said that by 2016 that figure could reach 7.3 billion. A staggering 91% of the world’s population own a cell phone with one in 5 people owning a smart phone or tablet.

So there you have it an interesting and hopefully fun look at the top ten electrical appliances we can’t do without. If of course you experience electrical problems from plugging in way too many gadgets then there’s always Static Electrics Brisbane electricians. Serving the people of the Brisbane area for many years, we’re your reliable ‘go to’ service. There when you need us. Contact us on 0429 139 039 for a competitive quote today!

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