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Solar Panel bird proofing Brisbane

Pigeon proofing solar panels

Birds and rodents living underneath your solar panels can damage the panels and electrical wiring. The small gap between the solar panel and the roof provides the perfect home for birds, rats, mice and other animals as it’s shady and hidden from predators. Static Electrics Brisbane offer professional solar panel bird protection to safeguard your solar system. We can install the bird barrier during your solar PV system installation or retrofit it to an existing solar system.

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Problems with pests under solar panels

You may not even know that you have a problem until your solar system develops faults or a reduction in electricity production. The issues involved with having birds or rodents living between your roof and the solar panels include:

  • Any nest can reduce the efficiency of the solar system
  • Birds and rats can damage or eat electrical wiring coatings
  • Droppings can cover solar panel surfaces blocking sun exposure and eventually corroding the panels if not removed.
  • The constant noise of the birds or rodents on your roof - this can be a significant factor in the motivation to install protection systems. 
  • Nesting birds and rodents can be very smelly.
  • Feral or pest introduced birds can keep native species of birds and small animals away. 

Common pests in Brisbane

  • Rock doves - or feral pigeons
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Possums 
Solar Panel Bird Proofing
Solar panel bird barrier

Benefits of solar panel bird protection

  • The solar panel bird guard can be adjusted to suit the solar panel mounting system and angle of the panels. 
  • The mesh doesn’t block or cover the panel surface 
  • Long-lasting solar panel protection
  • PVC coated mesh wire uses specially designed clips which provide a complete guard around the solar panel without damaging the integrity of the panel.
  • The mesh guard will also stop leaves and debris from overhanging trees catching under the solar system causing issues.

If you have an issue in your home with pigeons, other birds or rodents speak to our solar team. This guard can be used as a preventative measure as well to ward off problems before they damage your solar PV system.

This service is often offered by pest control or gutter protection companies however our solar electricians can install the solar panel pigeon protection when carrying out repairs or installing your new solar system, reducing installation costs.

Your local solar panel pigeon protection specialist in Brisbane

Get rid of the risk of bird, pigeon, or rodent problems with your solar system, contact our team for total solar panel bird proofing at 1300 139 039 or complete our quick online solar booking form today.

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